justin cegnar


NYC 34th Street Billboard video payer

Lead Developer

Tech: JavaScript, HTML Video

The RE2PECT campaign, developed by Wieden+Kennedy and Nike Jordan, gave Yankees fans the opportunity to pay tribute to the legendary Derek Jeter. Designated booths were placed in Yankee Stadium where fans could record their own personal "RE2PECT" video; some of these short clips would then be played in rotation on the NYC 34th Street Billboard.

The JavaScript app, a self-updating, feed-driven multi-clip HTML video player, was the delivery mechanism by which these videos were downloaded and played in continual succession.

Above, footage of the videos playing live on 34th Street in NYC.

The video player needed to run perpetually for many days on end with very little monitoring, continuously fetching and downloading videos, modifying videos in rotation, handling errors and other failures, and of course reliably displaying each video in succession. Due to its high visibility – a giant billboard in the middle of NYC with the Nike brand attached to it! – the app had to be 100% fault tolerant, free of any potential edge case failures, memory leaks, etc. To boot, the final app needed to run on a very old Mac running a very old version of Safari.