justin cegnar

Parent & Child Plus

iPad app for Parent & Child Magazine

Lead Developer

Tech: iOS SDK, Objective-C, Ruby/RoR, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Parent & Child Plus was a popular iPad app developed as a companion to Parent & Child magazine, offering news, editorials and advice on topics such as children's development, health and wellness, activities and crafts, reading, education and more.

The app featured a highly bespoke design, with rows of sliding drawers that expanded and contracted like an accordian as users navigated through content. The design was beautiful and innovative; it was also challenging to perfect but well worth it: the final app was an extraordinarily cool, unique experience.

The app supported portrait and landscape orientations, presenting a particular challenge (given the distinctive design) in conceiving and implementing seamless device rotation transitions.

As part of the Parent & Child Plus launch, we also built a custom, dynamic CMS that allowed for quick, easy content authoring and publishing so that content creators at Parent & Child could routinely and autonomously push updates to the app.