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Head of the Mule

Design & development portfolio

Designer & Developer

Tech: ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

If you have made it this far...wow, I'm impressed. And flattered. 😊 We should work together...call me! 🤙🤙 😉

Head of the Mule was my old portfolio site, built in Flash, before Flash died. I used to spend reckless, inordinate hours coming up with crazy things to do in Flash. It was another time and place.

"Head of the Mule" was a nod to one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. I used to refrain from volunteering an explanation as to its meaning, seeing if anyone who looked at the site might know the reference (spoiler: it almost neve happened).

I'm including HOTM here for posterity. And because it got me my first job as a dev. And because, well, I remember working hard on the designs and animations. 🙂