justin cegnar

Google Primer

Bite-sized lessons to better your business

Product Manager | 2018 - 2023
Tech Lead | 2017 - 2018
Senior iOS Developer | 2016 - 2017

Tech: App Engine, Datastore, Python, Android/Java, iOS/Objective‑C, WeChat SDK, Firebase, BigQuery, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, GCE

Google Primer was a free mobile app offering quick, easy-to-understand lessons for business owners and career professionals. Primer reigned from 2015-2023 as one of Google's highest rated apps (App Store: 4.9, Play Store: 4.7). It included over 250 lessons across topics such as branding, money management and digital marketing, and supported 13 different languages across the globe. It was downloaded over 35 million times and boasted over 3 million MAUs.

Primer offered a unique, delightful way to learn, with a warm, inviting, jargon-free tone of voice. Each lesson card was adorned with a custom illustration. Quizzes and excercises throughout the lessons helped solidify the learner's newfound knowledge.

The app had tons of features: brain teasers, Q&As, curated learning programs, next‑steps plans of action, unlockable bonus resources, a lesson recommendation engine and more.

Above are sample user reviews from the App Store and Play Store. Primer was universally adored; as mentioned, it was one of Google's highest rated apps.

In addition to the flagship Android and iOS apps, we also built a Primer web app for both desktop and mobile.

...and for users in China we created a WeChat app.

Primer was an amazing app and an incredible resource for its users. RIP Primer, 2015-2023.