justin cegnar

Magazine CMS

Mini-SaaS publishing platform

Lead Developer

Tech: Scala, Java, Play Framework, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML/CSS

Content creators and administrators for online magazines such as EW.com, SI.com & People.com wanted a centralized publishing platform that would allow them to easily create and manage native marketing articles with images, videos, ad delivery/tracking, built-in social sharing functionality, in-depth metrics dashboards, and other features. The platform enabled staff from any magazine under Time Inc. (now Meredith) to create an account and "spawn" their own sandboxed, customized CMS and immediately begin creating and publishing.

Each instance of the CMS included a selection of brand-customized templates that content publishers could instantiate, modify and use as a base layout for each article.

They could then began populating their article with content and media as well as configuring other settings and options.

When an article was completed and ready to go live, the CMS would generate a configurable, environment-aware code snippet, which could then be dropped into any existing HTML page where it would load remote content, adjust to its surroundings, and display the article.