justin cegnar


Location based goodness for iOS


Founder, Designer & Developer

Tech: iOS SDK, Swift, Python, Flask

Flit finds nearby locations fast. Think your favorite maps app is faster? Think again. Open Flit and immediately find where you want to go, plus the quickest routes and travel times to get there. No typing. No gestures. Just open the app and go.

Flit includes unique features geared towards speed and convenience, such as real-time spatial awareness of surrounding target locations which it fetches, updates and reorders as the user moves. It also automatically determines a user's velocity in order to switch between driving and walking routes/times, and can sort locations based on a user's forward path (a driver on the freeway is not necessarily interested in visiting locations that are behind them, even if those locations are closer than the ones in front). Flit leverages unpublished APIs and web scraping in order to ensure the most up to date data, and includes a data adaption layer that allows for easy creation of new Flit app instances.

Flit is currently an experimental project, but is already used by tens of thousands of users across the world. Future plans include expansion of the existing collection of Flit apps, enhanced features to provide even quicker and more customized searches, and a social component to allow users to create and publish their own location feeds and recommendations.