justin cegnar

Lightning Flashlights

The world's fastest rechargeable flashlight

Designer, Developer, Brand Strategist

Tech: ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Lightning Flashlights was an energy innovation company with a revolutionary, patented ultracapacitor technology that enabled high energy storage and ultra-fast recharging. Their first line of products was a series of heavy duty, fast-recharging flashlights developed for emergency workers and other first responders. The flashlights were super bright, built to last, lightweight and could be re-charged in under 120 seconds. As a new startup, Lightning Flashlights needed not only a web presence, but also a brand identity geared towards their target audience, including logos, design & copy guidelines, marketing assets, and more.

The Lightning Flashlights home page.

A module highlighting some of the flashlight's main features.

Sample marketing assets.

Ivus Energy Innovations, the parent company of Lighting Flashlights and a newly formed startup as well, also needed a web presence and the beginnings of a brand identity. Above, the new Ivus logo.

And sample pages from the new Ivus website.